This book is about rewiring your pain and winning back your life

— Dr Stephanie Davies, co-author.

Rewire Your Pain. A book for people with persistent pain.

Authored by doctors with a life-long commitment to understanding pain, this easy to read book delivers a complete recovery program, based on medical science, including simple and effective daily habits that have a dramatic and positive impact on the experience of pain.

The book Has 3 main sections.

Rewiring Pain

Addresses beliefs about pain and expectations of treatment. Medications - whilst important - become just one piece of a complex puzzle built around lifestyle behaviours.

Habits and Tips

Details important new habits, from scheduling a daily walk, to changing lifestyle activities, leading to more complex behavioural changes that twist the lens on many aspects of life with chronic pain.

The Evidence

Recognises the importance of knowledge and education with a particular focus on the nervous system as a foundation of our approach to pain understanding and management.

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Rewire Your Pain
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Dr Stephanie Davies

An action plan, based on medical science, that results in profound change.


I've dedicated my life to working with people in pain. As an Anesthetist and Pain Management Specialist I've been privileged to share in the life stories of thousands of people who suffer from persistent pain.

It is from these stories - and the journeys we have shared together - that I have come to understand pain can be changed. It can be rewired using some specific techniques.

My desire to share these techniques - to help people connect with this information - has been the prime motivation for writing Rewire Your Pain.

What others have to say about Rewire Your Pain

"Evidence-informed strategies"

Rewire Your Pain provides people of any age who live with ongoing pain, practical and evidence-informed strategies to manage their pain. The information aligns with our current understanding of the most effective ways to manage ongoing pain by supporting people to take an active role in management.

"A great help"

I am a great believer in taking personal responsibility for our health, wellness and education. Rewire Your Pain is a great help along the road to achieving that goal.

"Find practical ways"

In this short book you will find practical ways of dealing with your pain. It’s often the little day-to-day changes that add up to a positive shift in pain and a real gain in living and enjoying life again. This is a book I would use for both patients and for family.

"Things can change"

Up-to-date, easy to read advice and encouragement for people experiencing ongoing pain. This book is a “connect the dots” guide to the scientific evidence supporting the latest treatment for chronic pain. Things can change but nothing will unless you do.

"Easy to understand"

A very sensible, easy to understand approach to chronic pain management. I would recommend it to anyone who is seeking help with their pain. I would also recommend it to health professionals as another tool to help them manage their patients with chronic pain.

"Know more about your pain"

This book coaches you to know more about your pain, what works and what makes it worse. Armed with this knowledge and lots of practice, each of us with chronic pain has the power to reduce our pain and live well.

Dr Nicholas Cooke

Living with someone in pain requires a supportive strategy.


If you are living with someone who experiences ongoing pain, what can you do to help them? The most helpful partner, parent or carer is the one who walks alongside and pays attention to the person in pain without trying to take over.

Rewire Your Pain is filled with useful tips to help you do that.

Common questions about Rewire Your Pain

Contact Us if you've got more questions and we'll do our best to answer.

  • Is this book relevant for my pain?

    Rewire Your Pain is valuable for people experiencing a variety of chronic conditions.
    • Irritable Bowel syndrome
    • Acute and subacute back pain
    • Sciatica
    • Radicular pain
    • Neck pain
    • Abdominal pain
    • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
    • Peripheral Neuropathy
    • Post- Injury pain
  • What age group would get the most benefit from the book?

    Adults down to 12 year olds would benefit.

  • Do you have to be in Chronic Pain for this book to help you?

    The strategies covered in the book would benefit most medical conditions including post stroke, diabetes and post surgery.

Thousands of patients have implemented the Rewire Your Pain approaches and found them to be valuable.

Imagine your life with less pain. How would that feel? What would you be doing and enjoying?

Rewiring your pain is possible with a daily set of choices. Start making those choices now.

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To all those experiencing ongoing pain.

We believe you.