Table of Contents

The Table of Contents for Rewire Your Pain reflects a complete recovery program for people with chronic pain.

About The Authors 6
About This Book 8
Contributors 10

Part 1: Rewiring Pain

Habits 29
Daily Walk 30
Pacing Yourself 36
Non-sweaty Movement 52
Mindfulness 58
No Worries 64
Nice Things 70
Empty Boats 76
Nourish Yourself 82
Great Goals 88
Positive Words 94
Medication Awareness 100
Putting the Habits Together 106
Tips 108
General Considerations 109
Pacing and Cooking 114
Pacing and Study 114
Cocare 115
Improving Sleep 116
Intimacy and Relationships 118
Rebuilding Connection 120
Graded Exercise 123

Part 2: Carers

Living With a Person in Pain 126

Part 3: Mechanisms & Evidence

Neuroplasticity: The Flipside 134
Evidence 137

Subject Index


"Very Accessible"

An excellent and very accessible body of work.

Professor Mark Hutchinson - Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence


It is really quite expensive for people with pain to get professional help. This is why self-management is important.

Lesley Brydon - Chief Executive Officer, Painaustralia


I love it. Short, succinct, to the point, this could really work with a lot of people!

Professor Stephan A. Schug - MD FANZCA FFPMANZCA, Director of Pain Medicine, Royal Perth Hospital