Back pain is common.

Over a lifetime 80% of people will have back pain for at least a few months. Lumbar low back pain is the most common, then cervical neck pain, and then thoracic upper back pain.

This pain can have components of injury pain, inflammatory pain, neuropathic pain and also alloplastic pain. There isn’t usually much to see on plain x-rays, CT scans, or bone scans.

The pain can be particularly debilitating. Rewire Your Pain can show you a way forward with a clear, easy-to-follow program that will reduce the intensity of your back pain symptoms. You will improve your functional capacity, your physical endurance, and your mental wellbeing. You’ll feel happier and healthier all by rewiring your pain.

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Helpful Tips for Low Back Pain

  • Don’t be afraid of pain as hurt does not necessarily equal harm.
  • Remember that it is normal to have some pain as you improve.
  • Daily exercise helps keep you mobile and makes your own body pain control work.
  • Stay at work if possible even if changes are required as this helps you recover.
  • Feeling down, anxious or fearful are common when you have back pain.
  • Increase your control by putting the habits in Rewire Your Pain into action.

Imagine a life with less pain. How would that feel? What would you be doing and enjoying?

Rewiring your pain is possible with a daily set of choices. Start making those choices now.

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